The Membership Program

The Membership Program




Using the best of his coaching strategies, processes and ideas that have been delivered to thousands of individuals over the last decade, Austin will now bring these insights to you In this innovative and substantive weekly online coaching program. Every week you will receive a video message from Austin that includes a new coaching assignment building upon the previous week, as well as recommended books, tips to guide your self-talk through the week, and other information designed to help your personal leadership development.

And by making the choice to step up your life to a whole new level, we will donate a scholarship to the same online coaching program to a woman in a shelter, a person in prison, or someone else in need. So not only will your choice to participate greatly enhance your life, it will also help to change the world. Money Back Guarantee: If, after completing all of the exercises of this program, you don’t believe that the program has significantly changed your life, please let us know by sending us an email and we will happily refund 100% of your tuition.

Segments 1-7 “Stepping Up to Vision”

Segment 1: Value of coaching and powerful questioning
Segment 2: Seeing life from a visionary perspective – creating a life line
Segment 3: Deriving value from all our experiences – paradigm shifting
Segment 4: Identifying our most important values
Segment 5: Making choices consistent with our values
Segment 6: Creating a strategic map for our lives – 1 year, 5 year, and lifetime
Segment 7: The daily pursuit of greater vision

Segments 8-15 “Stepping Up to Passion”

Segment 8: Developing self-awareness
Segment 9: Content to process shift
Segment 10: Laying the groundwork for creativity and passion
Segment 11: The pursuit of passion in the workplace
Segment 12: Becoming creative
Segment 13: Developing the power of initiative
Segment 14: Becoming accountable for new behaviors
Segment 15: Daily actions for creating workplace success

Segments 16-24 “Stepping Up to Authentic Power”

Segment 16: Importance of authenticity
Segment 17: Truth-telling in the workplace
Segment 18: Constructively confronting the perception of others
Segment 19: Holding ourselves accountable
Segment 20: Developing personal integrity
Segment 21: Making and honoring commitments
Segment 22: Putting authenticity and honesty into action
Segment 23: Principles of being
Segment 24: The beginning of the rest of your life