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The message that Austin Vickers has put together in his movie, People V. The State of Illusion, is a powerful moving message that makes those that see it reflect on their own thinking and actions they are in and how they are acting in life. We were able to put together a large group and the overwhelming feedback from individuals that attended was that it was so appropriate for where they were in their life right now. By having colleagues, customers and business associates attend, I feel like everyone gained a new respect for our organization as a forward thinking company. I highly recommend participating in an event with Austin and his film.

Michael Brewer, President/CEO The Brewer Companies

I am an adjunct faculty at the University of Phoenix and teach several classes that incorporate film, so recently one of my learning teams saw “People v. the State of Illusion” and gave a presentation on it to our class. One never knows how a diverse group of students will react to a film that is not big-budget, all-star action, but they were absolutely mesmerized by it – calling it “life changing” and encouraging everyone to go. I did see it today and want to thank you for such a positive story with great advice that, if acted upon, can make a real difference with individuals, as well as with nations.

Celeste Winters, President, Calliope Inc.


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