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“At some point we have all been guilty of blaming situations and circumstances on outside influences but through this ENLIGHTENING FILM viewers are taught the importance of realizing and understanding our own perceptions versus our realities . . .”


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“This film . . gives a comprehensible meaning to emotional intelligence, where so many others in films, books and speakers, have alluded to but the meaning is still vague. In an age where so many people are hurting and searching for the key to their happiness, this film puts the key in the viewer’s hands and challenges them to see they can unlock their own prison. . . This film is a MUST-SEE for all those seeking to change for the better.”


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“There is so much in the film to take in that you WILL WANT TO SEE IT MULTIPLE TIMES. . . I would like to make it required viewing for every student of psychology and all the therapeuticprofessions, including doctors and nurses – its that important.”


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“People v. The State of Illusion is the kind of film you wished came with a transcript; it is full of facts from which ALL OF US WOULD BENEFIT and could very well be responsible for bringing about a genuine change in our perceptions of what we think is reality and what is really of our own creation . . .”


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