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Based on their expertise presented in the ground breaking documentary film People v. The State of Illusion, leadership and self-awareness experts Dr. Michael Vandermark and Austin Vickers present Human Process Mastery, a training programdesigned to develop your mastery of process in four different areas: self, one-to-one relationships, small group dynamics, and in the workplace and the world at large. Participation and successful completion of this program will enable you to identify, develop and shift process in virtually every human experience, significantly enhancing your skills as a manager, teacher, counselor, coach or simply as a conscious participant in life. This program is offered twice a year and provides all successful participants with a Human Process Mastery Certification, a graduate listing on our website (, and qualification for entry into HPM’s Process Coaching Certification Program. All sessions are conducted at the HPM training facility in Tempe, Arizona.

To reserve your spot in this program, please call Autumn at 480-491-5591, or send an email to Tuition is $3995.00.
Now accepting reservations for the November 17-20 program. Book now, space is limited!