A $40.00 Glass Of Lemonade

Have you ever purchased a $40.00 glass of lemonade? A friend of mine recently did, and when he told me the story, I learned a valuable lesson from the ten year old girl who sold it to him.

Turns out my friend went out for a run, enjoying the beautiful weather in Arizona. Towards the end of his run, he came across a young girl selling lemonade at a homemade stand that she had set up on the corner of the road. The young girl started talking to my friend even before he had reached her, enthusiastically asking him whether he wanted to buy a glass of cold lemonade. Amused by her gregarious personality, my friend stopped and talked with the young girl. She had set up the stand in the morning, and had been out all day trying to sell lemonade to anyone who was passing by. My friend explained to the girl that because he was out running, he didn’t have his wallet with him and didn’t have any money to pay her for the lemonade.