The Power and Science of Imagination

  • What are the patterns of my thinking and how are they limiting my life?
  • What can science teach me about the power of imagination?
  • How can I “perceive” challenges differently to create more success?
  • What should my priorities be if I want to develop greater imagination?
  • How do great leaders “perceive” and “imagine” differently than I do?

Based on his ground breaking documentary film People v. The State of Illusion, writer, producer and leadership expert Austin Vickers presents this program, designed to enhance and inspire your imagination. According to Austin, the ability to create great health, wealth, relationships and lives comes from understanding the patterns of our perception and the limits of our imagination, and learning to transcend them. This program will help you understand and become aware of the patterns of your thoughts, and the power of your imagination. It will help you to “see” every challenge in your life from a new perspective and will provide you with a process to follow to find opportunities where there appear to be none. It will help you understand what great leaders do to turn their imaginations into reality and will show you a path for doing the same.

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Like the movie? You will love “The Trial”

Based on his emotionally compelling and provocative film, People v. The State of Illusion, and his work for over a decade teaching self-awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership to organizations and individuals, Writer, Producer and Personal Leadership expert Austin Vickers will lead you on an examination of your perceptions, limitations and life. With a discovery process designed to uncover the layers of your illusions, a presentation of evidence that includes behind-the-scenes footage from his ground-breaking movie and processes for developing self-awareness, and a cross-examination of witnesses from the audience, this trial makes you both a witness and a juror. It will present powerful evidence on the power of your perceptions and will help you transform your greatest imaginations into reality.

  • Introduction & Rules of Court
  • Opening Argument
  • Interrogatories & Discovery
  • The Evidence
  • Cross-Examination of Witnesses
  • Closing Argument
  • The Verdict

April 20, 2013 10:00 am at the PBS Studio in Phoenix. Tickets are $75.00 and available now at:

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Based on his expertise presented in the ground breaking documentary film People v. The State of Illusion, leadership and self-awareness expert Austin Vickers presents Human Process Mastery, a training program designed to develop your mastery of the process to content shift in four different areas: self, one-to-one relationships, small group dynamics, and in the workplace and the world at large. This training program will also teach you how to write a book, develop a keynote and workshop, and make a movie. It will provide you with the tools and skills necessary work with others and organizations as a coach, trainer, and teacher of the Content to Process Shift.  Participation and successful completion of this program will enable you to identify, develop and shift process in virtually every human experience, significantly enhancing your skills as a manager, teacher, counselor, coach or simply as a conscious participant in life. This program is offered twice a year and provides all successful participants with a Human Process Mastery Certification, and a graduate listing on our website ( All sessions are conducted at the HPM training facility in Tempe, Arizona.   Space is limited, so reserve your spot in this program now by calling Autumn at 480-491-5591, or send an email to Tuition is $4,995.00

Topical Outline

Prior to Arrival at Workshop:
Preparatory reading and writing

Day 1: Your Intrapsychic and Interpersonal Content to Process Experience
Morning: Responses to stress, Emotions and your body
Afternoon: Perceptions and your reality, Intrapsychic and Interpersonal content to process shift, Group play

Day 2: Small Group Dynamics and the Large Group Content to Process Shift                                                                                              Morning: Stress and small group participation, Emotional intelligence within small groups and families                                     Afternoon:Competing perceptions in the workplace, Shifting the process of a group at work, Group play

Day 3: Writing a Book, Developing a Keynote and Workshop, Making A Movie                                                                                     Morning: Developing your topic, Structuring a keynote and workshop, Making product                                                                                       Afternoon: Practicing Delivery, Making a movie, Tools for developing imagination

Day 4:  Working With Others:  Coaching, Training, and Teaching The Content To Process Shift                                                               Morning:  Coaching essentials, The Tools required to teach others, Training essentials                                                                                                                               Afternoon:  Training essentials, Creating success beyond your wildest imaginations


“As a seeker for the past 10 years, I have attended many workshops and seminars. I found Austin’s to be unique and very beneficial in creating some valuable new insights and awareness . . . .” Jim Bowers

“Austin helped me see that I can feel total happiness today without anything else I thought was missing. My lack of happiness is an illusion . . . .” Robert McDowell

“Thank you for turning us on to Austin Vickers. I attended his seminar at ASU and it was an awesome experience. The day was not only insightful, but very intense. It brought many of us to tears and enabled a clearer understanding of why we react to life as we do. This man will do much good during his lifetime.”
Brenda Velasquez