The Long Walk To Freedom

I recently returned from South Africa where I had one of the most amazing weeks of my life. I was invited to speak in South Africa by the Mandela Rhodes Foundation for Leadership, which is an organization that was created a decade ago by Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, in concert with the […]

Dreams Coming True

I wanted to take a moment to thank you. If you are reading this it is because you took the time to see my movie People v. The State of Illusion, or read my book Stepping Up To A Life of Vision, Passion and Authentic Power, or attend one of my training programs or speaking […]

The Difference Between Good And Great

Have you ever wondered why the best players in golf, the top players in the world, have golf coaches that in most cases are not even good enough themselves to play on the PGA tour? I have. So I looked into it a bit further and found some startling statistics. Did you know that the […]

Lacking Passion? Here’s How To Find It

One of the most common questions I get when speaking at a conference or film event is, how can I feel passionate about life, when I don’t even know what my passions are? Many people experience these feelings and feel lost in life as a result. I know I once felt that way and this […]

A View Of Life From 100,000 Feet

I learned the importance of seeing the bigger picture many years ago as a young trial lawyer working in Southern California. When I began my legal career I was taught the art and science of cross examination by the senior partners at the huge law firm where I worked, and I quickly learned how to […]

Scientific American Weighs In On People v. The State of Illusion:

Want to Change Your Life? This Movie Might Inspire You By Ingrid Wickelgren | March 23, 2012 | Share  Email  Print People V. The State of Illusion, a new docudrama from Samuel Goldwyn Films, is a mixture of fiction and brain science that, despite these awkward bedfellows, was compelling enough to keep me up late on a Friday night. Although most of […]