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Exalt Films, and Movies From The Heart, are proud to present People v. The State of Illusion, a film by Austin Vickers. This feature length documentary/drama, directed by award winning Director Scott Cervine, is set in the notorious “Old Main Prison” of the New Mexico State Penitentiary, and tells the story of Aaron Roberts, a […]

Scientific American Weighs In On People V. The State Of Illusion:

People V. The State of Illusion, a new docudrama from Samuel Goldwyn Films, is a mixture of fiction and brain science that, despite these awkward bedfellows, was compelling enough to keep me up late on a Friday night. Although most of the well-worn findings parroted by the movie’s parade of experts were not new to me, […]

People V. The State Of Illusion Debuts At #1 Over The Weekend!

People v. The State of Illusion made its theatrical debut last weekend, and audiences flocked to its opening.  With big number all weekend, Harkins announced that the film was #1 at Camelview in Scottsdale, one of the top independent theaters in the country.  The film significantly outperformed Higher Ground, Senna, and The Guard also playing at the theater.  Due to […]

Movie Premiere Looking To Be A Sellout!

Momentum is building and the buzz is growing rapidly around the release of People v. The State of Illusion, set for September 9, 2011 at the Harkins Camelview Theatres in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Movie writer and producer, Austin Vickers, and Director Scott Cervine will be conducting a Q&A following the 7pm showing of the film.  An […]

Welcome To A Film That Can Change Your Life!

People v. the State of Illusion has been screened throughout the United States, England, Ireland, Canada, Holland and South Africa. In addition to public showings at movie theaters, film festivals, public television (PBS) and psychological associations, custom viewings have been provided for senior and mid-level employees at many public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. Additionally, the […]


To book Austin as a speaker for your next event, email him at, or call 602-315-8060.   “The message that Austin Vickers has put together in his movie, People V. The State of Illusion, is a powerful moving message that makes those that see it reflect on their own thinking and actions they are […]

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“At some point we have all been guilty of blaming situations and circumstances on outside influences but through this ENLIGHTENING FILM viewers are taught the importance of realizing and understanding our own perceptions versus our realities . . .”   The Reel “This film . . gives a comprehensible meaning to emotional intelligence, where […]