People v. The State of Illusion: Good or Bad Movie?

Its funny, I just read a review of my movie from two guys that work for the same publication.  Both attended the same day and in the same theatre.  One really liked the movie and felt it was “thought-provoking” and “emotionally compelling” and the other thought the movie was really boring.  So who is right?  Well, the truth is, like the movie actually discusses, their perceptions tell us more about them as people in that experience than it does the movie itself.  The movie was written and designed, like all of my work, to reflect back who people are and cause them to look at themselves.  So what people see in the movie, like anything in life, is really more indicative of who they are, rather than the movie itself.  That is why one person will love it, and another may hate it.  Although difficult to follow, if we showed them the film twenty years from now, my guess is they would both have an entirely new reaction to it.  Why?  Of course the film would not have changed, but they would have changed.  So they would be seeing the film (and the world) through a different set of eyes.  The point of this movie is not to have people love it or hate it.  Or even to entertain.  There aren’t lots of explosions in this movie or carefully concocted scenes designed to make people forget about their lives.  I will leave that job up to others.  In fact, People v. The State of Illusion was made to do just the opposite.  It was written to make people think, and become acutely aware of the patterns of their thinking and their emotional responses to life.  So is it a good or bad movie?  Depends on whether you leave the theater afterwards thinking about who you are.  And that, is entirely up to you.