People v. The State of Illusion Debuts At #1 Over The Weekend!

People v. The State of Illusion made its theatrical debut last weekend, and audiences flocked to its opening.  With big number all weekend, Harkins announced that the film was #1 at Camelview in Scottsdale, one of the top independent theaters in the country.  The film significantly outperformed Higher Ground, Senna, and The Guard also playing at the theater.  Due to the successful opening, Harkins has extended People v. The State of Illusion for at least another week.  It is playing five times a day at the theater, and people can get tickets by ordering them online at or by getting them from the box office.  However, the movie was sold out opening night, so people are advised to get their tickets in advance.  Writer and Producer Austin Vickers will be doing an encore Q&A following the 7 pm showing this Saturday night.

“I think People v. The State of Illusion really resonates with people because it addresses issues like stress, perception, and how we look at life, but does so in the context of a story that is emotionally compelling” says filmmaker Austin Vickers. “If you have ever thought about who you really are, or wonder whether as an individual, family, community or country we can overcome the issues we face, then this movie will really speak to you.”  Although receiving mixed reviews from critics, audiences are giving the film rave reviews.  ”I have been making movies and attending premieres for over 18 years” says the film’s director Scott Cervine “and I have never seen audience reactions like we had at the premiere and Q&A.  It was amazing.”