People v. The State of Illusion Debuts At #1 Over The Weekend!

People v. The State of Illusion made its theatrical debut last weekend, and audiences flocked to its opening.  With big number all weekend, Harkins announced that the film was #1 at Camelview in Scottsdale, one of the top independent theaters in the country.  The film significantly outperformed Higher Ground, Senna, and The Guard also playing […]

People v. The State of Illusion: Good or Bad Movie?

Its funny, I just read a review of my movie from two guys that work for the same publication.  Both attended the same day and in the same theatre.  One really liked the movie and felt it was “thought-provoking” and “emotionally compelling” and the other thought the movie was really boring.  So who is right? […]

Movie Premiere Looking To Be A Sellout!

Momentum is building and the buzz is growing rapidly around the release of People v. The State of Illusion, set for September 9, 2011 at the Harkins Camelview Theatres in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Movie writer and producer, Austin Vickers, and Director Scott Cervine will be conducting a Q&A following the 7pm showing of the film.  An […]