This psychological movie explores the science and power of perception and imagination and the prison walls of habitual thought and behavior that we all create, and documents the evidence that answers the central question of this provocative film, “can we really change?” Featured in the film are 9 of the nation’s leading thinkers in the fields of neuroscience, biochemistry, psychology, quantum physics, sociology, and consciousness theory, including:

- Dr. Candace Pert, Former Chief of Brain Neurochemistry, National Institute of Health, Author of Molecules of Emotion and over 250 scientific articles related to brain chemistry

- Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist, Author of Evolve Your Brain, the Science of Changing your Mind

- Dr. Thomas Moore, Psychotherapist, Author of 18 books, including #1 NY Times Bestseller Care Of The Soul

- Dr. Peter Senge, Director of the Center for Organizational Learning, and Professor, MIT; Author of several books including the NY Times Bestseller The Fifth Discipline, Named one of the top business strategists of the last 100 years

- Debbie Ford, Life Coach, Author of 9 books, including the NY Times Bestsellers The Dark Side of The Light ChasersĀ  and Why Good People Do Bad Things

- Dr. Robert Jahn, Former Dean of Princeton School of Engineering, Founder of the Princeton Engineering Anomolies Research Lab (PEAR), Co-Author, Margins of Reality and author of over 300 scientific publications relating to physics and the nature of reality.

- Dr. Brenda Dunne, Manager of PEAR, Co-Author of Margins of Reality, President of the International Consciousness Research Lab

- Dr. Michael Vandermark, Psychologist, Professor of Organizational Development, Co-Founder of the Human Process Mastery Institute, Author of Wallstreet & Wildflowers.

- Austin Vickers, J.D., Former Trial & International Corporate Lawyer, Co-Founder of the Human Process Mastery Institute, Author of Stepping Up to a Life of Vision, Passion and Authentic Power.